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Share with you the specific details of using the greenhouse accessories card slot

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-09

The importance of greenhouse cultivation in greenhouses is something that every farmer knows very well. There are many kinds of greenhouse accessories and facilities, each of which plays an important role, such as cooling, such as ventilation, such as controlling water and fertilizer. Only a good combination of various accessories in the greenhouse can have a reasonable vegetable growth environment. Therefore, it is very important that any component in the greenhouse is very important. Today I will share some experiences with youGreenhouse accessoriesThe specific details of the card slot:

In order to facilitate ventilation and ventilation management, the roof membrane and skirt membrane in the greenhouse accessories need to be covered separately. Three kinds of films are usually used for covering, namely a roof film and two types of left and right side skirt films. Ceiling film width 7. 5-8.0m, skirt room film width 1. 2 m. First install the chuck on the apron membrane on both sides, then use spring clips on both ends Hold the apron membrane cover with your head. Each arch is clamped with a lamination line (belt). At the junction of the apron film and the apron film, the apron film should overlap 2 0-30cm. The apron membrane is pressed on the outside of the apron membrane. The rocker can be installed on both sides of the skirt board membrane to facilitate the ventilation and exchange of the skirt board membrane. Air. Part of the skirt is sealed with soil. When the greenhouse is covered, windless weather should be selected to avoid unfavorable wind blowing or tearing the greenhouse film, and the film tape should be pressed after covering.

When the greenhouse is ventilated, first lift the top membrane side, raise the temperature again, and lower the skirt membrane. Before lowering the skirt, the skirt is clamped or tightened, and the film covering film is performed in the reverse order.

After the greenhouse was built, deep trenches were dug around the greenhouse to lower the groundwater level, which facilitated the growth of vegetables in the greenhouse.

Then in the process of using the greenhouse, the greenhouse film is covered with dust for a long time, which directly affects the light. After testing 10 u on a sunny day, the light transmittance of the roof coating film at the rinse site differed from that at the non-rinse site by 25%. Therefore, regularly cleaning the greenhouse film to keep the greenhouse film clean is one of the ways to improve the greenhouse effect.