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Learn about the related process of glass greenhouse construction with Xiaobian

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-05-09

In recent years, on the road to the revitalization of socialist villages with Chinese characteristics, China has introduced a series of policies and compensation and subsidy policies that favor villages and accelerate the revitalization of villages. Regarding the greenhouse, each place has issued corresponding policies, specifically inquiring about the township. The editor here first tells you in detail about the related process of glass greenhouse construction

First introduce the related process of greenhouse construction:

  1, understand relevant greenhouse technology standards

  2, select technology company

  3, drawing

  4, budget quotation

  5, basic construction and greenhouse skeleton processing are carried out simultaneously

  6, skeleton approach installation, corresponding materials, equipment entry installation, commissioning

  7, commissioning and operation of warm equipment

  8, project completion

The construction of different glass greenhouses is different. The following describes the composition of greenhouses:

  1, film greenhouse

Foundations, skeletons, accessories, high-permeability greenhouse films in greenhouses, hooded doors, manual (electric) film rolling machines, drip drain equipment

  2, intelligent solar greenhouse

Foundation, skeleton, accessories, sunlight board, temperature compensation equipment, heating equipment, water discharge pipe equipment, window opening ventilation, cooling system, light supplement system, roll-up machine.

  3, intelligent multi-span greenhouse

Foundation, skeleton, accessories, sunlight board, glass, heating system, heating equipment, gutter drainage system, gutter snow melting system, roof window system, cooling system, internal insulation system, internal shading system, distribution lighting system, intelligent Control system, drainage and irrigation system, etc.