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Glass greenhouse construction does not pay attention to serious quality hazards

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-28

As China's agricultural production has entered modernization and intensification, greenhouses have gradually become an important member of agricultural facilities, and the number of constructions is increasing. The construction of greenhouses in many places in China is in full swing, and the development of large-scale greenhouses is not rare. However, there are many hidden safety risks in such greenhouse development. Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the glass greenhouse construction industry for many years. From the analysis of design and construction experience, most of them have hidden safety risks.

For example, a blizzard on the 11 month 9 in 2009 collapsed several solar greenhouses in a city of Shanxi 3700, exposing the greenhouses to no standards and chaotic construction , Random use of materials and other hidden dangers.

There was also a heavy snowfall at the beginning of 2014 in many places in Henan where tobacco leaf nursery sheds caused serious damage and collapse, with heavy losses. Why does this happen?

  1, cheap investor charts

The construction of the glass greenhouse cannot resist wind and snow. A little wind and heavy snow will cause the greenhouse to overwhelm and collapse. The main reason for this situation is that investors do not want to invest cheaply. As the saying goes, "cheap is not good," your investment saves money, but the hidden dangers are buried. At first, you can't feel it. As time goes by, you will find that the cost of maintenance and repair of your greenhouse increases day by day. At light, the seal is not strict, and the wind and rain are not insulated; at the other, the steel structure is rusted and even collapses.

  2, industry vicious competition

In order to reduce investment and save costs, some greenhouse companies, no matter what non-standard national standard materials, or reduce material standards, more serious is to reduce the use of beams or lattices. Managers of agricultural parks often come to us and let us help to solve the quality problem of glass greenhouse construction. These greenhouses either cut corners or use non-standard products, or the system is incomplete, resulting in continuous problems after a year or two . The price of these projects undertaken by these greenhouse companies is very low, which has exceeded the industry limit. They are blindly competing in the entire greenhouse industry. Are there any profits to be obtained?