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Do you know the standards for the construction of multi-span greenhouses

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-01

Multi-span greenhouse is a kind of economical and practical greenhouse type, which is favored by users because of its low cost but high profit. So, do you know the standards for the construction of multi-span greenhouses?

The greenhouse is mainly composed of foundation, columns, main arch, secondary arch, trough, door, electric top roller film, electric roller shutter and so on.

  1. The foundation and the greenhouse foundation are made of reinforced concrete prefabricated parts, and the columns and prefabricated parts are flanged, which ensures the design standards of the greenhouse bearings, the quality of the greenhouse foundation, and the quality of the manufacturing and installation of the greenhouse. The greenhouse ring beams are made of concrete, and the slope of the apron is generally 0. 5 m wide and 0. 1 M thick.

  2. The main arch uses rectangular tubes to ensure the strength of the roof structure. The main arch is connected with the main arch, and the main arch is connected with the columns by flanges. Three secondary arches are added between the two main arches, and the secondary arch materials are galvanized steel pipes.

  3. The column adopts rectangular tube. The main structural parts such as the main column and the top arch of the greenhouse are all hot-dip galvanized to ensure the overall service life of the greenhouse.

  4. The gutter is made of galvanized steel stamping. The gutter design not only meets the drainage requirements of heavy rainfall, but also considers the convenience of installation and maintenance by the operators.

  5. Each greenhouse is provided with a door, the surface is covered with film, the aluminum alloy groove is fixed, and the upper part is provided with a roller.

  6. There are electric rolling film systems on both sides of the greenhouse and one side of the wet curtain, and household insect nets are set on the rolling film.

  7. Two electric roof roll vents are installed at the roof gutters of each greenhouse. The film winding machine adopts the domestic excellent electric film winding machine. The width of the upper film vent is about 1. 5 m, and the initial height of the lower end of the upper film vent is about 0. 4 m There are wide plastic film beading at both ends of the upper film winding vent to prevent the film winding device from being blown by strong wind. An insect net is provided on the air outlet of the roll-up membrane.

  8. The drainage is bidirectional drainage, PVC downpipe, diameter φ 110 mm.

  9. The main steel structure of the greenhouse is passivated by hot-dip galvanizing. The connecting bolts and nuts connecting the rainwater should be galvanized (except for the foundation bolts and nuts). The normal service life of the greenhouse framework is more than 15 years.