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Common faults and troubleshooting methods of greenhouse motor

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-09

The mechanical principle of the greenhouse motor is to use the reducer to reduce the motor speed and increase the torque. The common reducer is gear reduction and harmonic reduction. The gear reduction mechanism is bulky and heavy, and the power consumption is large, while the harmonic reduction mechanism is compact, low power consumption, and high reliability. Generally use 220 V or 380 V AC power supply. The emergence of roller shutter machines has greatly promoted the mechanization of the greenhouse industry and reduced the labor burden of farmers. It can be used with insulation blanket and insulation blanket.

Of course, regarding some precautions for use of the greenhouse motor and possible fault phenomena, here is an analysis of some common fault phenomena, how to target, what is the cause of the fault?

  1, the motor does not rotate after power on, and is accompanied by a humming sound

Cause: The fault is mostly caused by power failure or phase loss or low voltage.

  2, the motor rotates normally, the roller shutter machine does not work

Reason: Generally the triangle belt is loose.

Remedy: Adjust the triangle belt.

  3, intermittent noise during operation

Cause: This failure is generally caused by insufficient lubrication of the brake system.

Remedy: You need to put the grass curtain to the end, and then fill the brake pads with clean oil.

  4, the curtain is not straight

Cause: The failure is generally due to uneven placement of the grass curtain.

Solution: Put some soft objects in the slow place of the roll.

  5, continuous high temperature near the brake system

If there is high temperature, it may be that the friction of the brake system is too large, indicating that the brake system usually lacks lubrication, and oil should be injected in time.

  6, when the brake fails

This phenomenon is mostly a failure of the brake device of the roller shutter machine, and the brake block needs to be checked.

Precautions for the use of greenhouse motors:

  1. Inject antifreeze gear oil, replace and maintain once a year.

  2. During installation or use, you should always check the host and connection problems.

  3. After each shutdown, the total power supply outside the shed should be cut off in time.

  4. A knife gate must be connected near the control switch.

  5. Users must receive training

  6. Adjust if there is deviation