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Principles of glass greenhouse construction

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-20

I often meet some new farmers who have planting needs and ask me how to grow vegetables in a glass greenhouse. With a responsible attitude to customers, I can tell you very clearly that if you plant some price or better fruit Vegetables are okay, the type is soilless cultivation, or living vegetables can recover the cost. If it is still in accordance with the ordinary planting method, I think it should be difficult to recover the cost. So today I will give you a brief introduction to the main uses and some specifications of glass greenhouse construction.

The glass greenhouse construction is an upgraded version of the traditional ordinary greenhouse. Its function is to transmit light, keep warm (or heat), and use it to cultivate plants. The application in the southern region is more common, and the cold areas in the north generally need to add equipment for increasing temperature. The temperature-increasing equipment is generally a traditional boiler. From an economic perspective, it is still a good choice. The downside is that environmental protection may not work well in many places. The second choice is water source heat pump or ground source heat pump.


A greenhouse is a plant cultivation building that is not suitable for the growth of open plants in winter or other seasons.

Indoor greenhouse cultivation device, including planting tank, water supply system, temperature control system, auxiliary lighting system, humidity control system; planting tank is set at the bottom of the window or made into a screen for planting plants; The fan, hot air fan, temperature sensor and constant temperature system control box can adjust the construction temperature of the glass greenhouse in time.

The auxiliary lighting system is composed of plant lights and reflectors. It is installed around the planting trough and provides lighting in the absence of sunlight to enable plants to photosynthesize and present a beautiful landscape through the refraction of light. Lower the indoor temperature.