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How to do the daily maintenance work of the greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-25

Since the greenhouse is often exposed to high temperature, high tide, and humid environment, it is important to do the preservative and daily maintenance work of the greenhouse. Only the maintenance of the greenhouse can increase the service life of the greenhouse. Therefore, how to do the daily maintenance work of the greenhouse?

  1. Repair and cleaning of shed film

For coating materials, it is mainly resistant to crushing and aging. Normally, reinforcement and maintenance work should be done, and damaged parts should be repaired immediately.

Repair method: The damaged part can be pasted with transparent tape, or repaired with special laminating adhesive, and a new film can be covered within a certain damage range.

For the sheds that are frequently used, there will be dust on the film, which reduces the light transmission capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the film cover of the multi-greenhouse regularly to ensure the sunlight transmission capacity of the greenhouse. Especially for plastic greenhouses in winter, this work is very important when the temperature is low in spring. Cleaning and lamination should be performed on sunny days with high temperatures.

  2. Maintenance of sun visor

The awning is a kind of greenhouse equipment used frequently in spring and autumn. Maintenance is required before and after using the parasol every year.

First check the power system, perform daily maintenance on the gears and other lubricants, and replace the broken curtain support line and pressure line in time, so that the curtain push rod and the drive shaft move in parallel and linear motion, so that the covered cloth is soft and smooth.

  3. Maintenance of irrigation and fertilization system

First check whether the water supply pipeline is running, discharging, dripping, whether the valve is intact, and whether the drip irrigation and sprinkler are falling off or blocking. Regularly maintain the treatment system, deal with blockages in time, clean the water treatment membrane once a month, maintain the fertilizer applicator, and ensure the smooth flow of the irrigation system. Strengthen the maintenance and overhaul of power supply and distribution systems.

  4. Heating system maintenance

At the end of the heating season every year, timely repair the heating pipes in the shed, check whether the connecting valve is leaking, whether the pressure of the pressure gauge is normal, whether the exhaust valve is ventilated, and whether the appearance of the pipe water supply device is damaged or deformed should be replaced immediately.

  5. Bamboo and wood skeleton maintenance

For bamboo and wooden skeletons, due to the high humidity and high temperature in the greenhouse, the wooden skeletons are easy to mold and rot, thereby reducing the bearing capacity and easy to break. Therefore, anti-corrosion treatment should be carried out before use, regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out during use, and the situation should be strengthened immediately. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to get the fire source close to the skeleton to avoid fire damage.