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Precautions for installation of motors for shed sliding curtains

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-15

①Gear motor and drive shaft

Greenhouse sliding curtain motors should use greenhouse products with their own limit mechanisms to ensure the safety of the sliding curtain system. The connection of the drive shaft should be welded, but the anti-rust treatment should be done, and the hinged hole bolt connection can also be used to prevent the joint from loosening. The drive shaft must not be sharply deformed, and the deviation should be less than 2%.

② Transmission parts

When adopting A-type rack and pinion curtain pulling machine, the fixing of A-type gear should be firm. The rack and the push-pull rod should be in the same plane perpendicular to the ground with a deviation no greater than 10 mm.

③The curtain line

The spacing of the supporting curtain line is generally 0. {{1}} m, and the spacing of the pressing curtain line is generally 1 m, which can be encrypted under special circumstances. After the cord is fixed, no exposed end of the cord shall be observed under the curtain. The distance between the supporting curtain line and the pressing curtain line, the inner shading (insulation) system is not greater than 60 mm, the outer shading system is not greater than 80 mm. Within the range of the curtain travel, the curtain line should not have joints.


After the curtain is unfolded, the joint gap between the greenhouse beam or chord should be less than 50 mm. For the system with sealing requirements, the joint gap should be less than 30 mm. The width of the curtain after folding should be as small as possible 600 mm.

⑤System power distribution

The control box of the curtain pulling system should have waterproof function, and at the same time, it should have the overload protection function of the motor of the greenhouse pulling curtain, and the control box of the curtain pulling system should have the function of reverse connection protection of the power phase sequence.