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Common problems of greenhouse control system

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-15

The main function of the greenhouse control system is to help grow more scientifically grown crops, and many users will always encounter some problems in the process of use. To these questions today, Torres will do some answers for everyone!

  1 、 How to build an intelligent greenhouse environment monitoring system for newly-built flower-planting greenhouses?

Answer: The intelligent environmental greenhouse monitoring system is based on the real-time plant growth environment information obtained from the wireless network. For example, various types of sensors can monitor soil moisture, soil temperature, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, plant nutrient content and other parameters. The sheds of our cooperatives are looking for Zhengzhou Toles Networking to do the project. They have done some projects.

Normally, how is the monitoring equipment arranged in the greenhouse intelligent monitoring system?

Answer: It depends on the project size. Several cameras must be installed in each greenhouse to ensure that the entire greenhouse can be seen.

What are the components of a greenhouse environmental monitoring system?

Answer: The environmental monitoring system can also be called the greenhouse intelligent control system. Its components include the sensing layer (including temperature sensor, humidity sensor, etc.), the transmission layer (data transmission), and the application layer (control management)

In what ways does the intelligent greenhouse reflect the intelligent planting?

Answer: The agricultural greenhouse intelligent greenhouse monitoring system collects environmental parameters such as air temperature, humidity, light, soil temperature, and soil moisture in the agricultural greenhouse in real time, makes real-time intelligent decisions based on the needs of crop growth, and automatically turns on or off the prescribed environmental regulation equipment . Through the deployment and implementation of the system, it can provide scientific basis and effective means for automatic monitoring of agricultural ecological information, automatic control of facilities and intelligent management. Toles Internet has done this case, this is a complete system, not a single.