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Provide a multi-functional greenhouse supporting facilities

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-29

Background technique:

With the development of agriculture and garden industry, the use of greenhouses is becoming more and more common. Plants germinate and grow faster in the greenhouse than in the natural state, especially in low temperature environments, plants with poor cold resistance can still be grown in the greenhouse, in order to improve the growth environment of crops For growth, a variety of auxiliary greenhouse supporting facilities, such as fans and LED lighting, are usually installed in the greenhouse. Usually, they are set separately, occupying a large space, and inconvenient to use.

Technical realization elements:

The purpose of this article is to provide a multi-functional greenhouse shed supporting mechanism to solve the problems raised in the above background technology.

The supporting facilities of the greenhouse include a lower plate rack, a fan is fixed on the top of the lower plate rack, and the upper four corners of the lower plate rack are connected to the upper plate rack through a link mechanism, and the link mechanism includes a link hinged to the top of the lower plate rack The top of the is hinged with a screw, the screw penetrates the upper plate frame and the through nut is threadedly connected with a butterfly nut, the top center of the upper plate frame is fixed with a top column, the outer side of the top column is rotationally connected to the assembly plate, and the side of the assembly plate An arc slot is provided, and a convex column penetrating the arc slot is fixed on the top of the upper plate frame;

A lampshade is fixed to the bottom of the lower plate frame, and an LED lamp is fixed to the inside of the lampshade.

The convex column is in clearance fit with the arc groove.

The rear side of the LED lamp is provided with a silicon rubber sheet fixed to the bottom surface of the lower plate frame.