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Low-carbon energy-saving and cooling method for glass greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-02-07

GlasshouseAs a kind of greenhouse with high usage rate, it is deeply loved by people. The glass eco-greenhouse is covered with glass, and the appearance is transparent. This benefit is to make the light-receiving area of ​​the glass eco-greenhouse even, so that the room can get sufficient sunlight. Then some people may ask how to save energy in such a good glass eco-greenhouse. Will the sunlight be too strong to make the indoor temperature too high and too hot? Do n’t worry, this is for everyone. How to save energy in glass ecological greenhouse.

The glass ecological greenhouse is a transparent building covered by glass. In recent years, with the improvement of people's quality of life and the pursuit of idyllic natural environment, more and more ecological restaurants have been built. So people will have doubts. The temperature is so high in a transparent building with such a large space in summer? Is it possible that the energy consumption for cooling in summer will be large? So today I will explain to you the low-carbon energy-saving cooling of ecological restaurants method

Law of Natural Ventilation

We are aware of the nature of the upgraded glasshouse in the ecological restaurant building. For solar radiation, it is basically "transparent", and solar radiation can enter most of it. But the long wave radiation of glass to the ground is opaque and rarely penetrates. Therefore, the glass greenhouse allows the external solar energy to continuously enter the room, but the indoor heat is rarely dissipated, thereby regulating the temperature

The shading system of an ecological restaurant is generally divided into an outer shading system and an inner shading system. The external hidden sun cover is usually used for the system to hide the sun by the Yang net. The rate is 65 ~ 85. It works with a total of aluminum foil shading inner net, which filters out most of the sunlight and cools.