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Measures to prevent frost in greenhouses

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-08

In autumn, strong winds have a greater impact on agricultural facilities such as plastic greenhouses and solar greenhouses. Especially when the strong cold air brings frost, we must strengthen management to prevent the impact of frost.

Measures to prevent frost in the construction of plastic greenhouses

  1. Add a frost-proof curtain in the plastic arch shed just planted at the seedling stage (hanging around the arch shed), or add a small arch shed in the large arch shed; or directly lay a layer of plastic film on the plants; Hold the seedlings in plastic nutrition bowls, flower pots, mud bowls, etc. after 5 every afternoon to keep them warm and prevent frost. After 9 in the morning, after the temperature rises, the cover is gradually removed.

  2. Irrigate the plastic arch shed just at the seedling stage. The amount of water should be half a ditch to increase the humidity in the shed.

  3 For plastic arch sheds that have not yet been planted, heat preservation is the mainstay. When the weather is fine and there is no frost in the near future, the ground temperature in the shed is stable through 14 ℃.

  4, in the plastic arch shed where the seedlings are planted, light aerosols such as chlorothalonil, procymidone, pyrimethanil, etc. at {-5] in the early morning to prevent disease, increase temperature and reduce humidity The dosage per acre is 200 grams to 250 grams.

Measures to prevent frost in sunlight greenhouse

  1 、 Energy-saving solar greenhouses must do well in heat preservation, insist on covering the grass at night and covering the grass in time, and close the air outlet in time to ensure the proper temperature for plant growth.

  2 Strengthen the heat preservation and warming measures in the nursery greenhouse, manage and protect the seedlings to be planted recently to prevent aging.

  3, release aerosols such as chlorothalonil, procymidone, and pyrimethanil in the solar greenhouse to prevent disease, increase temperature and reduce humidity. In the evening, smoke the smoke after covering the grass, and the dosage per mu is 200 g ~ {{2}} g. When in use, the aerosol is evenly placed on the aisle at the rear of the greenhouse, and it is ignited in order from the inside to the outside. It can only enter the shed after the next day of ventilation 2 hours.

During   4, snow (rain) or overcast day, the grass must be exposed to let the vegetables receive the scattered light. On snowy (rainy) days, let the snow (rain) fall directly on the shed membrane to avoid the snow (rain) falling on the grass to increase the weight and cause the shed to collapse.