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Classification of greenhouse companies

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-29

Greenhouse is a new type of building that is mainly used to grow vegetables, flowers and fruits, while taking into account the use of landscape greenhouses and ecological restaurants. Today we share with our customers who have needs for greenhouses some of the classification of greenhouse companies and what are the main jobs.

We must first divide the greenhouse into the following categories according to the style of the greenhouse, including ground shed, solar greenhouse, simple multi-span greenhouse, standard film multi-span greenhouse, solar panel multi-span greenhouse, and intelligent glass greenhouse. In the entire greenhouse industry, greenhouse companies are also classified according to the style of the greenhouse. Some areas mainly sell steel and make simple plug-in sheds, some regions mainly manufacture a few words of arched sheds, and some regions mainly manufacture smart sheds. Regions have different profit ratios for their own superior products.

Let's take the manufacturer of the intelligent glass greenhouse as an example, we must first understand the supporting system and the materials used in the intelligent glass greenhouse.

Main frame material, shading system, ventilation system, covering material, motor, etc. The main products of greenhouse manufacturers include main skeleton materials and spare parts. Among them, the products that need to be purchased include covering materials (glass or sun panels), shading net materials, and motors (also produced by greenhouse companies). When we order the greenhouse, the main skeleton material is mainly the specifications and wall thickness of the steel pipe, whether it is hot-dip galvanized material, whether the truss beam is black pipe after welding, and the hot-dip galvanized treatment. Brand and greenhouse companies.