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The performance and model of the shed curtain motor are constantly improving

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-21

The greenhouse sliding screen motor is a relatively common electrical equipment used in the greenhouse of the multi-span greenhouse. The quality of the product is directly related to the overall operation stability of the multi-span greenhouse. In recent years, with the development of facility agriculture, the model and performance of geared motors have also been continuously improved and researched, and old products have been gradually eliminated and new products have been introduced.

The new type of reducer for multi-span glass greenhouse is a Venlo type greenhouse general window reducer for window opening and sliding curtain. It adopts aluminum die-casting shell, which has beautiful appearance, light weight (about 20 kg), good heat dissipation performance and output High torque (400 Nm ~ 800 Nm) and low noise. At the same time, the bottom installation and side installation are adopted, which is convenient for installation and reduces the labor intensity of the installation workers.

In addition to the light-weight and high-strength aluminum alloy casing, the new greenhouse sliding screen motor adopts a three-stage helical gear transmission and is lubricated with thin oil. Increased transmission efficiency and service life. This type of greenhouse deceleration motor limit device has two types of impact block type and spring leaf type for customers to choose. The adjustment of the limit is convenient, and the positioning accuracy is high (especially the spring leaf type). It can be adjusted within the range of 1 ~ 60 to control the stop of the motor. And there are double safety switches to ensure safe operation.

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