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Analysis on the choice of construction site of glass greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-28

Glass greenhouse construction is one of the development trends of modern greenhouses, but the increase in the area of ​​a single unit will cause certain difficulties in construction design. Various loads and adverse weather effects need to be considered in the design, and the mechanical equipment and intelligent system are reserved The port also needs to rationalize the size of the production area. The greenhouse designed and constructed after precision calculation can save energy for subsequent production and reduce operating costs.

Venue selection

The choice of the construction site of the glass greenhouse mainly considers the terrain and environmental constraints. In the area with seasonal winds in winter, try to choose to build the greenhouse in the windward area with mountains, windbreaks or tall buildings, etc. Factors such as poor, energy, landscape location, etc., of course, must also fully consider the impact of natural disasters such as hail, earthquakes.

  1 Avoid basic farmland and general farmland as much as possible, and minimize the occupation of farmland by greenhouse construction.

  2 As far as possible, choose a place close to a heat source, such as a thermal power plant, which can make full use of the hot water of the thermal power plant for heating and reduce its operating costs.

  3. Choose as close to the main marketing area as possible to reduce storage and transportation costs.

  4. In the actual production of modern large-scale greenhouses and greenhouses, electricity is required. Therefore, issues such as power supply and line installation should be considered. We must strive for convenient access to electricity, simple routes, and to ensure power supply. Where conditions permit, two-way power supply equipment or some power generation facilities may be prepared for temporary emergency use.

  5. Try to stay away from contaminated areas. If the soil, water and air in the greenhouse are contaminated, it will bring hidden dangers to crop production and affect consumer health. Therefore, try not to build greenhouses near polluting factories, especially the downwind of these factories or downstream of rivers.