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Greenhouse accessories summary and quality control

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-07

Greenhouse accessoriesSummary:

The main accessories of the greenhouse are: greenhouse joint pipe, greenhouse pressure arrow, greenhouse pressure film groove (card slot), greenhouse pressure film arrow (card storage), greenhouse jacket, greenhouse pressure film card, greenhouse diagonal, greenhouse U-shaped card, Greenhouse clamp, greenhouse fixer, green house connecting piece, green house laminating line, green house door, green house film roll, green house roll film rod, green house double pipe card, green house pipe pipe card, green house herringbone card, green house anti-fog film Insect nets, etc.

Quality control:

With the continuous progress of society, traditional agricultural production methods can no longer meet the needs of the development of modern civilization. New-type facility agriculture has been sought after by the industry. The so-called agricultural equipment is actually mainly greenhouse facilities, which are not limited by time and space. Agricultural production can be carried out in special environments such as plateaus, mountains, and deserts.

China is a large agricultural country. The farmer population accounts for more than half of the total population of China. The new agricultural application space is vast. The agricultural equipment industry has moved from the background to the foreground. Looking at China's greenhouse industry, large and medium-sized enterprises are uneven, and the quality of greenhouse project landings is different.

In order to make the organization unit developing facility agriculture better choose the service provider of the greenhouse project, the greenhouse industry is systematically studied. The quality control of the greenhouse project is mainly divided into four aspects: material control, technical control, construction control and after-sale control.

As the source of the greenhouse project, we must first choose the greenhouse accessories to ensure the quality of the project. For example, for the steel components used in the greenhouse project, the excellent steel materials are processed and derusted. After the hot dip galvanizing in the galvanizing plant, the quality inspection department re-inspect , After passing the inspection, it can be transported to the construction site for use.