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Common failures and daily maintenance of greenhouse motors

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-18

During these years in the greenhouse industry, it is found that the modern greenhouse is prone to problems mainly in the transmission system, but the key to the transmission system is the main point of the gear motor. Today, I will introduce the parameters of the greenhouse motor and the main points of its use.

1. Common failures of greenhouse geared motors

  1) Unlockable and slipping (which is the main reason);

  2) Plastic deformation of shrapnel;

  3) The quality of the potentiometer is not high enough;

  4) Defects in the itinerary control structure The above reasons will cause our itinerary to fail. Therefore, when we arrange the staff to open and close the shade of the greenhouse, we must have someone on duty.

Second, how to choose a high-quality greenhouse motor

(1) The structure of the cabinet is firm, reasonable and stable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

(2) This motor is an old brand motor produced for 40 years according to German industrial standards.

(3) The limit device used should have a mandatory excellent wiring method. When the motor is running in this direction, the control circuit should pass through three micro switches, each of which has three functions: braking, emergency braking, and out-of-phase protection.

3. Daily maintenance of greenhouse motor

①The stability of fastening of each fastener;

②Whether the oil level of lubricating oil meets the requirements

③ Whether the connection of the fuel supply pump is correct;

④Whether the coupling guard, ground wire and other protective devices are installed properly.