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Brief introduction to the design process of multi-span greenhouse construction

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-25

The multi-span greenhouse refers to a greenhouse with a supporting control system. The multi-span greenhouse has a large space, a high level of automation, and strong environmental control capabilities. It is a kind of facility agriculture with high value in facility agriculture. So many people think that multi-span greenhouses are for ornamental use; is that because we do not understand the reasons and advantages of the construction of multi-span greenhouses?

1. Why not choose a normal greenhouse

  1 The greenhouse has a separate climatic environment, and growers can change factors such as light, temperature, moisture, fertilizer, air and other factors that affect plant growth according to the requirements of crops.

  2 Greenhouses can enable crops to obtain high yields and good quality. High-value crops can grow out of the normal climate range or choose the season of production. Lengthen and advance the harvest period of crops to obtain high yields And economic benefits. Compared with traditional greenhouse cultivation, multi-span greenhouses can reduce the use of pesticides, and use biological methods to achieve insect control as much as possible. Thereby reducing pesticide residues and obtaining higher food security.

2. Design process of multi-span greenhouse construction

  1, you have to explain to the greenhouse contractor what kind of crops and varieties you want to grow.

  2. Need to understand the temperature, humidity, light, irrigation and ventilation required for this crop to increase production. Then compare with your local resource conditions and analyze the environmental parameters that the multi-span greenhouse needs to improve for you. In addition, we also need to understand the soil and land conditions, energy supply, electricity, and hydraulic conditions.

  3. After understanding the situation, we will carry out preliminary planning and design, mainly including the functional area division of the multi-span greenhouse, the design of the facilities of the multi-span greenhouse, the first, second and prospect planning of the greenhouse.

  4, the design of skeleton materials, covering materials, shading materials, ventilation systems, heating systems, and cooling systems of multi-span greenhouses. For the design of the multi-span greenhouse construction, we will consider the snow load, wind load, hanging load, material service life economics, and the impact of earthquake storms will be considered.

  5 The above first draft will be handed over to the horticultural users (owners) for communication and communication, and the subsequent secondary improvement until a good design plan is reached.

3. Problems that often exist in the implementation of greenhouse construction

Many greenhouse contractors ignore the optimization of the use experience of the growers, implement more according to relevant experience and lack communication with the owners. Ignore some local environmental and resource conditions, and ignore the actual needs of growing crops. Therefore, to choose a multi-span greenhouse construction, we must choose a guaranteed company.