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Knowledge of construction and maintenance of glass greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-23

According to different covering materials, glass greenhouse construction can be divided into glass greenhouse, hollow panel greenhouse and film greenhouse. Because the roof covering material of the greenhouse has been exposed to wind and sun for a long time, it is easy to aging, which affects the tightness and light-transmitting insulation performance of the greenhouse. Especially in the northern part of China, there are many windy and sandy weather all year round, dust and leaves are easy to deposit on the top of the greenhouse, and the covering material of the greenhouse may be damaged. The cover material on the top of the greenhouse should be maintained once a month, and its scope includes the maintenance of the side cover material.

Glass greenhouse construction and hollow panel greenhouses can be regularly flushed with high-pressure water guns for roofs and walls. Thin film greenhouses can be cleaned with brooms made of lightweight materials such as special waste cotton batting. The mud and leaves deposited in the gutter rain trough shall also be removed. Check the glass for cracks and seal with glass glue. If damaged, replace it in time. The damaged hollow board can also be repaired with sealant or tape. If the plastic film is damaged, it can be repaired with special film repair tape. For the frame where the film contacts the frame, use a soft cloth or an old plastic film to prevent the film and frame from contacting the frame due to heat and wind and rain.

The inner and outer shading nets are glass greenhouses that are used in greenhouse equipment with a high frequency of use except during winter. The inner and outer shading nets should be routinely inspected before and after use each year. First check the transmission system, including the debugging of the motor, limit switch, stroke, etc., need to add lubricating oil for the maintenance of the gear, gear, and timely replacement of the falling and broken support curtain line and pressure curtain line, so that the push The curtain rod and transmission shaft travel straight, and the curtain is flexible and smooth.