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The main use characteristics and classification of shed curtain motor

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-08-06

  1.Greenhouse curtain motorMain uses and features

  0010010 nbsp; The rack and pinion type shed pull screen motor is a multi-span greenhouse pull screen motor. The main transmission component is a rack and pinion mechanism, which converts the rotary motion of the drive motor into a linear motion of the rack, and realizes the unfolding and gathering of the sunshade net or thermal insulation screen. It is characterized by stable and stable transmission and high transmission precision. However, due to the limitation of rack length and installation method, it is not suitable for the occasions where the stroke is greater than 5 m or the installation conditions are limited.

  2. Classification

According to the form of the gear seat, the motors of common multi-span greenhouse racks and racks can be divided into three types: A type, B type and simple B type. The A type gear base is a reduction gear mechanism and the speed ratio is 1. {{ 1}}: 1. The B-type gear seat is a single gear structure, which is fixed by the transmission shaft, and the speed ratio is 1: 1. The gear base for the simple type B is the same as the type B. Since the A-type rack and pinion mechanism has one-stage deceleration, the area of ​​the drawn curtain driven by the same multi-span greenhouse greenhouse driven by the curtain motor is larger than that of the B-type and simple B-type rack and pinion mechanisms, and the stability is good.