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Introduction to the main points of the use of greenhouse motors

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-29

In recent years, in the greenhouse industry, it has been found that the common problem in modern greenhouses is the transmission system, and the key to the transmission system isGreenhouse motor. Today, I will introduce the parameters of the geared motor and the main points of its use.

Improper use of geared motors is a very easy problem in the greenhouse.

1. Common failures of greenhouse geared motors

  1) Self-locking chute (main reason);

  2) Plastic deformation of elastic shrapnel;

  3) The quality of the potentiometer is unqualified;

  4) Defect in the stroke control structure, resulting in trip failure. Therefore, when we arrange staff to open and close the greenhouse, we must have a staff on duty.

  2. How to choose high quality greenhouse motor

The structure of the cabinet is firm, reasonable and reliable, and the operation and maintenance are convenient.

(2) The motor adopts the old brand motor produced by the German industry standard for 40 for many years.

(3) The limit device used should adopt good mandatory wiring method. The motor runs in this direction, and the control circuit passes through three micro switches, each of which has three functions: braking, emergency braking, and phase stagger protection.

  3. Routine maintenance of greenhouse motor

(1) Reliability of fasteners;

(2) Whether the lubricating oil level meets the requirements;

(3) Whether the fuel pump is connected correctly;

(4) Are the protective devices such as the protective cover of the coupling and the ground wire installed?