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Ventilation system of greenhouse supporting facilities

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-20

Many large supporting facilities need to be installed inside the greenhouse. Today I will tell you what are theGreenhouse supporting facilities? The supporting facilities of the greenhouse change with the different requirements of the greenhouse. Take the Venlo greenhouse, for example, the internal supporting facilities of the greenhouse include ventilation system, internal insulation system and exposure system.

Ventilation system of greenhouse

The ventilation system of the modern greenhouse includes natural wind pressure ventilation and mechanical ventilation. For natural air pressure ventilation systems, the installation of ventilation equipment is mainly the installation of automated window opening equipment. The installation content includes: the installation of the reduction motor, the installation of the transmission shaft and the transmission gear.

For mechanical ventilation, the installation content will be different according to the actual situation of different greenhouses. The ventilation system of Venlo greenhouses mainly includes fans and wet curtains.

(1) It is mentioned that the installation of the fan should be bolted to the greenhouse frame according to the design requirements and the reserved position on the greenhouse frame, and the joint between the fan and the greenhouse frame should be sealed with rubber strips.

Greenhouse fan system

(2) The installation of the wet curtain system includes the water collection tank, the supply and return pipes, the wet curtain, etc. The entire installation process has quite high technical requirements, and each component must be strictly operated in accordance with the installation process of each place.

Greenhouse wet curtain system

(3) The installation of the wet curtain protection window is also a common installation method of the protection window in the Venlo greenhouse.

Wet curtain protection window

(4) The installation of the circulating fan should be used when the span between the fan and the wet curtain is greater than 80 meters.