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Requirements for the construction of multi-span greenhouses

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-12

main structure:Construction of multi-span greenhousesThe main structure construction requirements follow NY / T2970-2016 "Construction Standard Greenhouse Construction Standards". The foundation of the greenhouse is a separate foundation, with a curved roof, beautiful appearance and smooth vision. The main body is made of light-weight steel structure, the surrounding facade and top are covered with transparent plastic film, the top skylight or the upper skylight of the gutter, the film rolling device is installed on the top and side walls, and the outside rolls the film to open the window.

The wind load index is 0. 45 kN / m {{{2}}, the new snow load index is 0. 30 kN / m {{2}}, the crop load The indicator is 0. 15 kN / m {{{2}}, and the upper limit of rainfall is 140 mm / h. The steel structure is hot dip galvanized according to the national standard GB / T1391 {{{2}}-{{2}} 003, and the thickness of the hot dip galvanization reaches 0. 08 0. 11 mm.

On the basis of meeting the above basic conditions, in order to ensure that the multi-span plastic greenhouse has not been overhauled for more than 10 years, and to increase the beauty, light transmission and thermal insulation of the greenhouse, the following points need to be achieved.

The construction of multi-span greenhouses guarantees a good supporting environment. The location of the greenhouse must avoid the wind passages of tall buildings to ensure that it is not affected by gusts, monsoons or tropical storms. Secondly, there is no height within 20 m around the greenhouse during the continuous use period Tall trees that exceed 3 m can not only avoid shading, but also avoid the difficulty of cleaning and maintaining the gutter due to the trees changing seasons and falling leaves, and can also avoid the dirt generated by the tall trees after being infested by pests and diseases Contamination of materials such as films.

Build a high-quality gutter overall structure Multi-span plastic greenhouse uses hot-dip galvanized pipes and plates as the main load-bearing structure. Because the gutter in the main structure plays a role in supporting and fixing the main skeleton, increasing longitudinal rigidity, drainage, and maintaining aisles With the function, if improper maintenance of the ditch or long-term water accumulation, it is easy to rust and deform and affect the service life.

In order to increase the service life of the overall structure of the gutter and maintain the target strength of the design, one is to use 2. 5 mm thin steel plate cold-bent galvanized or 2. 0mm one-time hot dip plating Zinc steel plate; secondly, after the construction and installation of the new greenhouse gutter is completed, a good anti-rust paint is applied all at once, the coating uniformity is high, and no rust spots are guaranteed for 5 ~ 10 years; the third is tight Firmware screw nuts (including connecting arch pipe fixing parts) are made of hot-dip galvanized products. Considering the structural strength, stainless steel parts are not recommended; fourth, each screw hole sleeve on the sunken surface of the gutter is equipped with more silicone components. Aging rubber washer guarantees 10 years of rustlessness; Fifthly, it uses high-strength aluminum alloy slot and slot connection piece to fix the film, the spring is strong, and it can be disassembled more than 3 times It can still be used normally.

The construction of multi-span greenhouse is provided with import and export buffer room. The multi-span greenhouse door frame extends outwards to set up a buffer room. The buffer room is made of aluminum alloy. A total of two barrier doors are provided. Close to the outside of the multi-span greenhouse, double doors are set, and both sides and top are sealed with glass to facilitate heat preservation and insect control.