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Construction Standard and Design of Greenhouse

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One.Greenhouse constructionCompany introduction greenhouse:

Greenhouses are also called greenhouses, such as glass greenhouses and plastic greenhouses; single-roof greenhouses and multi-roof greenhouses; single-roof greenhouses and double-roof greenhouses; insulated greenhouses and non-insulated greenhouses. The greenhouse structure should be sealed and insulated, but should be easy to ventilate and cool. Modern greenhouses have computer-controlled temperature, humidity, light and other conditions, creating good environmental conditions for plants.

2. Greenhouse construction standards

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1. Transparency: The level of greenhouse transmittance has become a direct factor affecting crop growth and selection of crop varieties. The light transmittance of multi-span plastic greenhouses is generally 50% ~ 60%. The light transmittance of glass greenhouses is generally 60% ~ 70%. The light rate is generally above 70%.

  2. Insulation: Improving the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse, reducing energy consumption is a direct means of improving the production efficiency of the greenhouse. The greater the thermal insulation rate, the better the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse.

  3. Durability: The construction of greenhouses must consider durability. The anti-aging properties of the greenhouse materials and the bearing capacity of the main structure affect the durability of the greenhouse.

3. Basic Design

In the foundation design of greenhouse construction, in addition to meeting the strength requirements, it should also have good stability and resistance to uneven settlement. The bottom of the greenhouse should be below the frozen soil layer. According to the climate and soil conditions, the influence of heating on the depth of the frozen ground can be considered. The bottom of the foundation should be less than 0. {{1}} meters from the outdoor surface, and the distance between the top of the foundation and the outdoor surface should be greater than 0. 1 meters to prevent the exposure of the foundation and the adverse effects on cultivation influences. Except for special requirements, the distance between the top of the greenhouse foundation and the indoor ground should be greater than 0. 4 meters.

Example: standard multi-span greenhouse construction

Parameters: Span 12 meters × 3 multi-span, roof height 4. 5 meters, length 76 meters.

Performance index: Wind load: 0. 30 kn /, Snow load: 0. 30 kn /, Constant load: 10 kg /, Hanging load: 10 kg /, Life expectancy 15 years.

Construction range: width 8-12 meters, height 3. 2-4. 5 meters, length less than 100 meters, the number of connecting buildings is customer's discretion.

Scope of application: cherry, winter jujube, nectarine and other fruit tree varieties, flower cultivation, vegetable cultivation.