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How to judge whether the greenhouse motor has quality problems?

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-06-10

With the continuous development of China's facility agriculture, the construction scale and speed of greenhouses are getting faster and faster, and at the same time, users have more and more intelligent requirements for supporting facilities and equipment inside multi-span greenhouses. Greenhouse motor is one of the important equipments commonly used in multi-span greenhouses, and its performance and stability will directly affect the use of the greenhouse. The internal structure of the reduction gearbox has some common characteristics. At present, the structure commonly used by such machines has generally not much difference in efficiency. However, due to the differences in processing technology and assembly technology of products of different enterprises, there are certain differences in the quality of similar products.

As a user of greenhouse motors, it is generally impossible and impossible to examine their internal structure, but how can they be distinguished from good or bad. So the better way is to look at the appearance and listen to the sound.

The case is tidy, clean, without casting trachoma, and the joint is flat and no oil leakage is the basic condition that a good gearbox must have. The second is to listen to the sound in the gearbox during operation. The sound should be small and uniform. If the sound is uneven and there is a sudden change or a lot of noise, the gearbox has quality problems.

Secondly, the other heavy component in the greenhouse motor is the limit device. The quality of the limit device directly affects the stability of the geared motor and the accuracy of the positioning of the curtain, window opening and other systems. So how can you confirm the quality of the limit device? This requires the user to try it by himself. After a new gear motor is purchased, it is necessary to test whether the limit device is sensitive before using it. It is very important to check whether the limit device can cut off the motor power supply according to the requirements and stop the operation accurately.

In summary, it is simple and convenient to judge the quality of a greenhouse motor, which can be started from three aspects:

First, look at the appearance, especially the appearance of the gearbox, and pay special attention to whether the gearbox has oil leakage.

The second is to listen to the noise in the motor and gearbox. The noise should be small and even.

The third is to try to test whether the limit device is sensitive.