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Matters needing attention in the construction of multi-span greenhouses

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-24

In recent years, a variety of new construction methods have emerged in vegetable greenhouses, such as textured glass greenhouses, sixth-generation winter-heated vegetable greenhouses, and intelligent multi-span greenhouses.Construction of multi-span greenhousesThe company Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd. will explain to us the points that need to be paid attention to in the construction of multi-span greenhouses.

The construction methods for the construction of multi-span greenhouses have the same points, and of course there are some points that we need to pay special attention to:

A multi-layer film greenhouse has no rear roof, which can increase the height of the greenhouse and increase its span. The multi-span greenhouse construction company can be designed according to the local cold degree and required strength. The colder the distance is, the larger the distance is, generally 10-35 cm. The greater the load, the larger the pipe diameter. The height can be confirmed according to the needs of planting plants and the good lighting roof angle formed by the height and span. If you plant plants that do not require high sunlight, you can increase the span appropriately and reduce the production cost without considering the good lighting angle formed by the high span ratio.

The top of the main keel section of the double-layer greenhouse is a plastic film slot, and the plastic film is fixed on the main keel section of the multilayer plastic film greenhouse. The two ends of the main keel profile are fixed on the cement foundation pier, and the main keel section is arc-shaped. The greenhouse film fixation is completed at one time, the operation is simple, and the method is stable. The integration of membrane and keel increases the overall strength of the greenhouse. The whole film is stable, and the film production line is eliminated, so that the film is less vibrated by the wind.

Third, the self-produced terracotta stove is adopted and set in the middle of the greenhouse. In order to prevent the smoke pipe from burning out, an additional 1 meter long cast iron pipe can be added to the furnace mouth. In addition, in order to protect the air composition in the greenhouse, the multi-span greenhouse construction company installed an air inlet pipe into the furnace outside the greenhouse and installed a self-made valve. In a multi-layer greenhouse, the earthen stove is used to heat the greenhouse. Due to the proper length of the chimney and the good thermal conductivity of iron, a large amount of heat is released into the room through the chimney. The outlet temperature is low and the thermal efficiency is high. The outdoor air intake pipe is provided with a valve, which can adjust the burning speed of the furnace without consuming the air in the shed. It has the advantages of low manufacturing cost, convenient maintenance and adjustment, and can meet the development needs of greenhouse greenhouse growers.