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Understand the issues to be considered in the construction of glass greenhouses

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0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Since we wantGlass greenhouse constructionWe first need the characteristics of the glass greenhouse. The textured glass greenhouse is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also has high skeleton structure strength, large load capacity, open internal space, long glass life, rich configuration, high degree of intelligence and wide use.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 1. Use of glass greenhouse construction

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Before making a project, we must first consider the location of our area, our local environmental climate characteristics and the use of our glass greenhouse. This is what we have to communicate with the glasshouse builders first. For example, if I am in the northern region, I want to make a glass greenhouse for planting and nursery, then the factor I want to consider is to improve the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse as much as possible under the guarantee load, such as the top layer plus the internal insulation system, and the surrounding glass as much as possible. Thick hollow glass. At the same time, the characteristics of summer color, light intensity and water shortage in the northern region are also considered. If the northwest region can design rainwater collection system, external shading system, etc. At the same time, the cultivation greenhouse is different from the ecological restaurant and leisure and sightseeing agriculture in the design of the height of the internal space. The cultivation greenhouse can be designed to multiply the height from 4 meters to 4. 5 meters. The shoulder height of leisure and sightseeing greenhouses is generally about five to six meters.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; Second, the orientation and size of the glass greenhouse construction

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; The ridge of the glass greenhouse is generally oriented in the north-south direction, so the lighting is better. In addition, the fan and water curtain of the glass greenhouse are generally installed on the end surface of the triangular roof, so we have to consider the width in this direction, generally about 40 meters to 60 meters. This can not only ensure the economy, but also take into account the effect of forced cooling and ventilation of the fan water curtain.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 3. Selection of glass greenhouse framework material specifications and supporting systems

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; As long as it is a building, the economic and practicality of its cost must be considered, not simply increasing the size of the material. The northern region should distinguish between the snow load values ​​in the northeast region and the north China region. In the southern region, since the snow load is small or almost non-existent, the specification materials of the greenhouse framework can be appropriately reduced. As for the size of the specific skeleton material specifications, it needs to be designed by the greenhouse skeleton manufacturer.

0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; 0010010 nbsp; As for the choice of greenhouse supporting system, it is necessary to select the outer shading system, the inner shading system, the inner insulation system, the top in combination with the purpose of the glass greenhouse Window opening system, side window opening system, internal circulation ventilation system, heating system, fan water volume forced cooling system and other configurations.