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Glass greenhouse construction design requirements

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-04-26

Glass greenhouse construction design requirements

The greenhouse shall be designed and constructed to perform the intended functions under specified conditions (normal use, normal maintenance) and within the specified time (standard design years).

1. Functional and environmental requirements

The level and profile of the greenhouse should be constructed according to the needs of the function. According to the function, the greenhouse is divided into a production greenhouse, a research experimental greenhouse and an ornamental greenhouse. The design of various greenhouses and sections is different.

2. Stability requirements

During the use of the greenhouse, the structure will withstand a variety of loads, such as wind loads, snow loads, crop loads, equipment loads, etc. In normal use, the structure should be stable under these loads, that is, the structure constructed by the glass greenhouse should be able to withstand a variety of possible load loads without deformation and damage affecting the use.

3. Durability requirements

The internal temperature of the greenhouse is high, the humidity is high, the light radiation is strong, and the pH of the air is also high, which will affect the durability of the greenhouse. In the construction of the glass greenhouse, the influence of these unfavorable factors should be fully considered to ensure that the aging of the materials, the corrosion of the components, and the aging of the equipment should be within the prescribed range within the standard design period.

4. Internal space requirements

In the process of designing the flat, vertical and section of the greenhouse, it is necessary to provide the required space for the different supporting equipment, facilities and different production and operation modes required for greenhouses for different purposes.

5. Building energy requirements

Through reasonable glass greenhouse construction, reduce the heat transfer coefficient of roof and wall, increase the light transmittance, make the greenhouse absorb solar energy as much as possible, reduce the loss of internal heat, and better use solar energy to achieve energy conservation. The heat inside the greenhouse will be transferred to the outside through the foundation. Therefore, it is required to insulate the heat as much as possible in the basic structure to reduce the heat loss in the greenhouse. Before the beginning of summer and after the end of summer, the natural ventilation of side windows and skylights is used to cool down and improve the internal environment.