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How to maintain greenhouse greenhouse motors?

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-08

Nowadays, many plants and flowers, vegetables and fruits are planted in greenhouses. The temperature in the greenhouse is very high, which is good for the growth of these plants. Many people have lived a well-off life by relying on greenhouse farming. Since the greenhouse can bring us wealth, we must maintain it well. How to maintain greenhouse greenhouse motors ?

1. Greenhouse greenhouse motor temperature control box maintenance

The electric control box is the key control system of the intelligent greenhouse. (With 380V inside) It controls the intelligent facilities of the entire greenhouse. Includes inner and outer shading (female) systems. Internal insulation system. Cooling system (fan, water curtain). After the system is installed and debugged, there are two sets of control systems (manual and automatic). Under normal circumstances, our company personnel will adjust the automatic control system for you. Do not switch freely under special circumstances. To increase its service life. Non-maintenance personnel are not allowed to open the box. So as not to cause machine failure or personal injury or death.

Simple daily maintenance of greenhouse greenhouse motors:

Always wipe the outside with a dry rag. But do not open the box and wipe it inside. Do not wipe with a damp wavy cloth. So as not to cause unnecessary losses.

Use and maintenance of the thermostat:

The greenhouse greenhouse facility is used to sense the data in the greenhouse and then transfer it to the electrical control box. Let the electric control box issue commands for other equipment (internal and external shading nets, inner insulation film, fan, water curtain, etc.) to operate. Because of the sensitivity of the facility, it will directly affect the control of the entire greenhouse. Therefore, you should not touch it, and you should not adjust it at will. In order to avoid accidents or losses.

Greenhouse motor maintenance

(1) Daily maintenance of greenhouse greenhouse motor and rack and pinion The oil in the motor gearbox is replaced once a year; the gear teeth are lubricated with lithium grease every 3 months.

(2) Check the working condition of the motor limit switch every 6 months to correct the deviation.

(3) Always check the sealing of the window and find out where the seal is not tight.

(4) When an abnormal sound or other situation is found in the operation of the greenhouse motor system, stop the operation in time and check the repair.

(5) Check the sealing of the top window. If the sealing rubber strip is aging, it should be replaced in time.

(6) Pay attention to the daily weather forecast, and gather the outside shade when there is heavy snow or strong wind.