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What protection does the inverter perform on the curtain motor of the greenhouse?

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-05-16

At present, in the vegetable greenhouses, greenhouse electric curtain motors have been widely used. In addition to the function of energy saving and stepless speed regulation, the installation of the frequency converter has many protection functions for the curtain motor.

So, do you know what protection functions the inverter performs on the curtain motor? Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd. will introduce you to everyone.

1. Overcurrent protection:

When the current of the curtain motor in the greenhouse exceeds 150%/3 seconds of the rated value, or 200%/10 microseconds of the rated current, the inverter protects the motor by stopping.

2. Undervoltage protection:

When the motor voltage is lower than 90% of the normal voltage, the inverter protection stops.

3. Input and output phase failure protection:

The input and output voltages are monitored. When the input and output voltages are out of phase, the inverter alarm stops to protect the motor.

4. Overload protection

When the greenhouse pull screen motor has long-term low-speed heavy load, long-term overload and motor stall, the inverter will report the overload protection fault to protect the motor and increase the life of the motor.

5. Grounding protection:

The frequency converter is provided with a grounding protection circuit, which is generally composed of a grounding protection transformer and a relay. The frequency converter alarms when one or two ground phases occur. Of course, if the user asks, we can also design the protection ground immediately after stopping.

6. Lightning protection

Some brands of inverters are equipped with lightning overvoltage protection devices, which have a certain self-protection capability for inductive lightning.

7. Stall protection

Stall protection is generally directed to synchronous motors. For asynchronous motors, the stall during acceleration is an overcurrent, which is achieved by current and overload protection by the frequency converter. By setting a safe deceleration time during commissioning, it is possible to avoid stalls during the deceleration of the curtain motor in the greenhouse.

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