Structural components of glass greenhouse construction

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Glass greenhouse construction companies more, the market prices are relatively messy, so in the selection should pay attention to careful selection, then glass greenhouse construction contains what aspects, which departments have an impact on the cost of glass greenhouse construction? Today Weifang Liwang Electric Co. , Ltd. to introduce to you.

First, the civil construction part:

Includes site leveling costs, foundation piers, four-week bar-shaped base ring beams, and surrounding water retaining walls. In non-mountain or hilly areas and other flat areas, the general cost of about 20 to 30 yuan a square meter.

Second, the main skeleton (steel frame)

Glass greenhouse construction contains the main column, truss beam, sink tiangou, around the maintenance beam, human character beam, outer shade horizontal vertical beam above the skeleton material according to different regions of the snow load, wind load and greenhouse span open room size by the greenhouse manufacturers to choose different material specifications. The comprehensive cost per square meter of steel frame is 90 to 130 yuan per square meter.

Three, four-week covering material

The four-week general coverage is 4 plus 9 plus 4, 5 plus 6 plus 5, 5 plus 9 plus 5 double-layer hollow glass, as to whether the glass around the greenhouse needs to be tempered according to their actual needs to decide. The glass greenhouse is covered in addition to the glass and has a fixed 60-shaped frame aluminum profile. Due to the price of glass is very different, economic transportation convenient area, glass equivalent to the unit price per square meter is 35 to 50 yuan / square meters.

Four, top covering material

The top cover material is generally composed of double-layer hollow sunlight plate or single-layer tempered glass and aluminum profile accessories, giving priority to ensure that the double-layer hollow sun plate insulation, light weight, strong structure. The cost per square metre of this part is about 60 yuan per square meter.

V. Exterior sun shade system

The system consists of an outer sun shield, a drive edge, a drive rod, a drive rod, a curtain motor, a curtain wire, etc. This set of system we are generally concerned about the brand and shade rate of the sun shade net and the service life. The manufacturer's sun-shielded net warranty is five years, and the transmission rate is 75% and 85%.

Six, inner sun shade system

The system is the same as the outer sun shade system, except that the outer sun shade net is replaced with the inner sun shade net. Inside the shade (insulation) network for aluminum foil net, the network warranty period is also five years, the transmission rate of 65%, 75%, 85%.

Seven, fan water curtain forced cooling ventilation system

The system consists of a fan (1380, 1530), a water curtain (100, a type 150), a water curtain fitting and a water curtain pump.

Eight, the top window natural ventilation system

Glass greenhouse construction of the top window more use of staggered window layout, vent layout is uniform. The system is generally composed of a gearbox motor, a drive system, a window-opening aluminum profile, etc.

Nine, water curtain overall electric window-turning system

The system is covered with windows outside the water curtain, we can choose to use an electric whole outside window or choose to push and pull the window. Electric outer window consists of small columns, drive racks, drive motors, aluminum profiles, sun panels, etc.

Ten, power distribution system

The power distribution system includes control cabinets, fans, water curtain pumps, internal and external sun visors, top window motor control lines, etc. Generally in 5000 to 10000 yuan or so.

Eleven, the cost of installation of the project

The installation cost of the project includes the installation and commissioning price of the greenhouse main body and each system. 6 meters high glass greenhouse installation costs are generally 50 to 60 yuan / square meters.

Twelve, transportation costs

Mainly includes greenhouse materials and transport equipment to the site of the cost, different regions of the price.

Glass greenhouse built in the specific material price, the use of different quality materials prices will be relatively large differences, the choice of better quality materials can guarantee the strength of use and use of life. General glass greenhouse construction company is the overall price, that is, the price per square meter. A set of standard glass greenhouse sits cost from 323 to 400 yuan per square meter.

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