All-glass greenhouse construction design

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-31

At present, the industry has a lot of statements about glass greenhouses, such as smart greenhouses, glass greenhouses, solar greenhouses, etc. , in fact, we call the standard glass greenhouse is the short name of the whole glass greenhouse. From the beginning, the whole glass greenhouse was introduced from the Netherlands, widely used in nursery, vegetable and flower production, popular science tourism, picking entertainment, eco-restaurant and other fields, today, I will introduce the glass greenhouse construction and design.

First, what is an all-glass greenhouse

Refers to the top and surrounding full glass-covered continuous greenhouse, is also a separate architectural structure, single-glass greenhouse sits connected by a drainage ditch. The glass greenhouse is generally surrounded by double-layer hollow glass. The traditional glass models are 4 plus 9a plus 4, 5 plus 9a plus 5. 4 and 5 refer to the thickness of the glass on both sides. 9 means that the spacing between them is 9mm. A general greenhouse does not require the use of tempered glass. The top is covered with 4mm or 5mm tempered glass, and the top of the good glass greenhouse is super-white diffuse glass.

Second, glass greenhouse construction design and construction precautions

Greenhouse skeleton material design

Since the weight of 5mm glass is 12.5kg/m2 and the weight of the sun plate is 1.5kg, a difference of 8 times, the glass weight should be taken into account in the load design of the glass greenhouse frame. The increase of skeleton material is mainly reflected in the increase of load-bearing columns, the increase of east-west or north-south girders, and the increase of the thickness of the sink (tiangou). Other outer shade systems do not need to be increased in girder spron or skeleton material.

It is also worth mentioning that the human character beam above Tiangou and the ridge of the human character beam are aluminum alloy profiles. Therefore, one of the stress structures of the roof glass is the aluminum human glyph beam. Therefore, aluminum alloy profiles should be considered by good manufacturers to develop the national standard profile. Don't try to use non-standard products cheaply.