Share the glass greenhouse construction technology and process

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-28

In modern facility agriculture, the all-glass greenhouse is a kind of highly intelligent greenhouse greenhouse architectural style. Its appearance is a Wenluo style. The top and surroundings are all covered by glass. With the transformation of modernized agricultural greenhouses in China, the demand for the construction of all-glass greenhouses is also increasing. Today I will share with you the construction techniques and precautions of glass greenhouses.

1. The concept and specifications of the all-glass greenhouse

Greenhouses covered with glass on the top and all sides are equipped with automatic shading system, ventilation system, cooling system, heating system, planting system, etc. Span: 8 m, 9. 6 m, 12 m Opening: {{4}} m, 8 m Shoulder height ( Column height): {{4}} m ~ 8 m.

2. Construction technology and process

The design of the detailed plan for the construction of the glass greenhouse needs to select the glass material according to the specific crops planted in the greenhouse, and calculate the specific model size of the skeleton according to the snow load and wind load in different regions.

  1, project design and finalization

  2 The construction of the civil works includes leveling of the shed site, excavation of surrounding foundations, and production of separate foundations in the middle.

  3, skeleton production, and further installation work.

  4, the installation work of the skeleton of the uprights and transverse and longitudinal beams.

  5, the installation work of the shading system.

  6, the installation work of the top cover material.

  7, installation work of covering materials around.

  8, installation and commissioning of top-open windows, cooling system, shading system.

  9, installation and commissioning of electrical systems.

  10, for Party A ’s technical disclosure and training, and greenhouse handover matters.