The advantages of greenhouse motor with limited position device

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-20

With the development of agricultural production, thin film greenhouses have been widely used. The crops grow in the greenhouse, and the film of the greenhouse can be turned on or off at the right time to regulate the temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, so as to benefit the growth of the crop and improve the quality of the crop

The traditional greenhouse motor has the following deficiencies:

At present, our country generally uses the roll film opening method, and the commonly used film opening method uses manual or electric film winding machine to roll the film;

The manual film rolling machine is cheap and the structure is simple and reliable, but it needs to manually shake the manual film rolling machine to roll up or close the shed film, the labor is large, and the efficiency of opening the shed is low.

Electric rolling film opening shed is to use the greenhouse motor to complete the opening or closing of the shed film

The greenhouse membrane switch motor with limit and travel position feedback includes a motor main body, which is characterized in that a fixed mounting seat and a protective cover are provided outside the motor main body, a bolt mounting hole is opened on the fixed mounting base, and a rotation is installed inside the protective cover Mechanical components, rotation sensors, limit regulators, limit switches, the motor body is rotatably provided with a motor shaft, the limit regulator is provided with two and is installed on the side of the rotating mechanical components and the rotation sensor, the rotating mechanical components are rotatably set at The middle and lower part of the protective cover, and the rotating mechanical element is connected with the motor shaft of the motor body. The limit switch is provided with two limit switches, and the two limit switches are fixed at the two ends of the inner side of the protective cover, and the rotation sensor is fixed at One side of the rotating mechanical element, at the same time, there are limit signal wiring positions on the limit switch, and rotation sensor wiring positions on the rotation sensor

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