Curtain pulling system improved by shed curtain pulling motor

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-04-09

Greenhouse curtain system is mainly used in the outer sunshade and inner insulation system of the greenhouse, using materials with a certain shading rate to block the excess light, or using insulation materials to form a partially enclosed space inside the greenhouse to adjust the light and cool down Or the role of insulation. After the curtain net is gathered by the traditional greenhouse pulling motor, it will often get stuck due to the unstable meshing of the gear rack, which will cause certain damage to the curtain net and also affect the use effect.

The present invention aims to solve the above-mentioned problems and provide a greenhouse curtain pulling system that can arrange the curtain nets neatly after being retracted.

In order to achieve the above-mentioned objectives, the greenhouse curtain-drawing system includes a fixed end and a wire-drawing aluminum installed in parallel. A screen wire is provided between the fixed end and the wire-drawing aluminum. There is a supporting curtain line under the curtain net.

The position of the pressure curtain line is higher than the horizontal position of the fixed end and the aluminum net to the centimeter.

The position of the supporting curtain line is lower than the horizontal position of the fixed end and the aluminum net to the centimeter.

The wire mesh aluminum is fixed on the rack, the rack meshes with the gear, and the gear is connected to the shed curtain motor I

The gear is connected to the geared motor through a coupling.

The rack is connected to two or more aluminum nets.

The system can put the gathered screen mesh neatly between the aluminum screen and the fixed end, so that the screen mesh will not shrink unevenly and the screen mesh will be stuck on the rack. The structure of the invention is simple, convenient and practical, and easy to popularize.