What are the supporting facilities of the greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-03-25

The supporting facilities of the greenhouse are the "hardware" of modern facility cultivation production technology and an important part of the facility agricultural production materials. From the perspective of mechanical engineering and electromechanical equipment products, facility cultivation machinery equipment products as the expansion and extension of traditional agricultural machinery equipment generally include the following:

  1. Mini tillage machine

One machine is multi-purpose. Through the configuration of equipment, it can carry out operations such as rotation, tillage, trenching, soil cultivation, pumping spray, transportation, power generation, cutting, drying and so on.

Adaptable. It can be used in plains, hills, mountains and other places to meet the needs of various agronomy.

Due to the small space and area of ​​the greenhouse, the power of the plough machine in the greenhouse is mainly from 2. {{2}}-4. {{2}} kw (3-6hp) drive. Rotary tillage depth is 3-30cm, working width is 40-100cm. In general, one management machine can bear the workload of {{2}} 000m 2 greenhouse.

  2. Greenhouse rolling machine

According to different output powers, the greenhouse roller shutter machine can roll and cover thermal insulation quilt, turf and other greenhouse coverings separately, making the complicated and heavy manual labor simple and easy. In addition, the manual rolling time of 30-40 minutes per day is shortened to 6-9 minutes, which can increase the sunshine time of the greenhouse by nearly 2 hours. It has received good benefits in terms of improving crop yield and quality. The straw cover is complete, and the strong wind is not easy to lift. It can increase the service life of the straw cover layer by 1-2 years.

The mechanical parts of the supporting facilities of the greenhouse are made of real materials, with reasonable design, stable quality and long service life. The design is scientific and reasonable, the power further increases the advanced production line, and the whole machine assembly is more precise. The power supply and brake design is unique, and the electromagnetic brake is safe and reliable. The winding is stable, both electric and manual, and can be parked at will during winding. With full consideration of installation and disassembly, maintenance operations are more flexible and convenient.

  3. Water-saving irrigation equipment

Water-saving irrigation mainly includes drip irrigation, micro irrigation, seepage irrigation, micro spraying and other forms. Compared with the traditional flood irrigation method, its main advantages are shown in the following aspects. Save more than 50% of water, reduce indoor air humidity, inhibit soil hardening, maintain soil permeability, avoid ground temperature drop caused by winter watering, and eliminate the spread of bacteria in irrigation water. At the same time, you can also fertilize through irrigation, saving labor and effort. The drip irrigation system is widely used because of its simple installation and low disposable investment.

  4. Wet curtain fan cooling system

Wet curtain fan cooling system is mainly used in multi-span greenhouses. Due to the high temperature in the greenhouse in summer (40-50 degrees Celsius) and the dry air, it is not suitable for crop growth. Only through humidification and cooling can normal greenhouse production be maintained.

The cooling system of the wet curtain fan is based on the principle that the humid heat in the air is converted into latent heat when the water evaporates. The evaporation of water is directly proportional to the difference in the saturated vapor pressure of the air. The drier the air, the higher the temperature, and the greater the temperature drop of the air passing through the wet curtain. Generally speaking, the temperature drops between 4 ° C and 7 ° C.

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