Working principle of motor system in greenhouse

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The natural ventilation of the multi-span greenhouse mainly depends on the window opening system. Window opening system refers to an equipment system that uses the motor or manpower of the greenhouse in the greenhouse to open and close the roof or side windows of the greenhouse through the window transmission mechanism. The window opening system commonly used in modern multi-span greenhouses is a rack and pinion window opening system and a film winder opening system that rely on electricity to drive.

Smart greenhouses, also known as automated greenhouses, refer to automatic facilities such as mobile skylights, sun shading systems, thermal insulation, wet curtain / fan cooling systems, sprinkler drip irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile seedling beds, etc. High-tech "smart" greenhouse. The control of the intelligent greenhouse is generally composed of three parts: a signal acquisition system, a central computer, and a control system.

The "central system" of the intelligent greenhouse is the intelligent greenhouse monitoring system. It consists of sensors, automated control systems, communications, computer technology and systems. By pre-installing suitable environmental parameters required for the growth of a variety of crops, it builds an intelligent and hard platform for the greenhouse, and realizes the temperature, humidity, light, and carbon dioxide , Nutrient solution and other factors of automatic monitoring and control.

Factors such as temperature, humidity, light intensity, and soil temperature and water content in the greenhouse play a key role in the growth of crops in the greenhouse. The greenhouse automatic control system takes PLC as the key, and uses a computer distributed network control structure to control the air temperature, soil temperature, relative humidity, CO 2 concentration, soil moisture, light intensity, water flow and PH value in the greenhouse. The EC value and other parameters are automatically adjusted and detected in real time to create a suitable environment for plant growth, so that the environment in the greenhouse is close to the ideal value artificially conceived to meet the needs of greenhouse crop growth and development. It is suitable for places such as seedling breeding, planting, flower cultivation, etc., to increase the output of greenhouse products and improve labor productivity. It is a successful example of high-tech achievements serving modern agriculture in large-scale production.

The computer operator enters the computer according to the data and control parameters required for planting crops. The system can realize unmanned automatic operation. The various data collected by the computer are accurately displayed and statistics, which provides a reliable basis for decision-making. The control cabinet is equipped with manual / automatic switch, which can be controlled manually.