What greenhouse supporting facilities are included in a standard greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2020-01-15

In addition to the greenhouse framework and covering materials, a standard intelligent greenhouse includes the following greenhouse supporting facilities: external shading system; fan-wet curtain cooling system; internal shading system; side window system; top electric ventilation system; spray Shower system, mobile seed bed system; heating system; electric control system, intelligent control system; anti-drip system; circulating fan system, etc.

①Outer shading system

It is installed on the top of the greenhouse, and is pulled by the motor to regulate the sunlight adjustment, shading and cooling of the greenhouse. The system adopts rack and pinion transmission. Press the switch button, the motor starts, and the sunshade net slowly unfolds. The external shading system can control the shading rate according to the needs of production management.

②Internal shading system

A layer of shade curtain system installed in the greenhouse.

③Shade insulation system in multi-span greenhouse

The inner shading system generally only plays the role of shading in the southern region of China, similar to the function of the outer shading system. In the northern region of China, the greenhouses we build will replace the sunshade curtains of this system with sunshade insulation curtains, which have the effect of both thermal insulation and sunshade, which not only reduces the cost of the greenhouse, but also has good performance.

④Fan-wet curtain cooling system

The fan and the wet curtain are used together, and the fan starts to exhaust air on one side to form a negative pressure in the greenhouse. On its corresponding side, the outdoor hot air becomes wet and cold air through the wet curtain and enters the greenhouse, thereby achieving the purpose of cooling.

⑤ Greenhouse wet curtain fan cooling system

The fan-wet curtain cooling system cools down quickly and easily. It has become the current ventilation and cooling supporting system used in greenhouses.

⑥Side and top window opening system

The multi-span greenhouse's window-opening ventilation motor is driven to automatically open the window, and the window can be opened and ventilated. The insect-proof net is installed on the window.