Greenhouses should have different growth modes

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

Greenhouse crops will be determined according to market demand. Each crop has its own growth habits, which requires different crop growth patterns in the greenhouse. These models can be obtained from existing research results, and these data can be directly input into the information processing system, or based on previous data, the recording and storage functions of the information processing system can be used to establish the growth model of this crop. Then according to the crop conditions, the excellent control of the greenhouse can be achieved.

In system design, the more complicated and difficult part is intelligent control. Since the data collected by the data are mostly non-linear signal variables, these multi-input and multi-output control signals have the characteristics of large lag, but the control of various execution systems should be dynamic, real-time, and effective; the entire system must not only have timely The signal data acquisition system and control system must also have an intelligent control strategy. In practical applications, the control effect of conventional control methods (such as proper control, PID) is not very ideal. The application of artificial intelligence control methods such as fuzzy control, neural network, and system to the greenhouse environment control can greatly improve the accuracy and level of greenhouse greenhouse environment control.

The construction of greenhouses is beneficial to improving the growth environment of crops, reducing the restrictions of natural factors on crops, and improving the quality of crops.