The supporting facilities of the greenhouse are the guarantee to achieve the output, efficiency and quality

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

The development status of modern greenhouse facilities and equipment is an important manifestation of the development level of facility agricultural engineering, an effective guarantee for achieving the production efficiency and quality of agricultural products, and the key to the development of modern urban agriculture in China. Although China's greenhouse supporting facilities have experienced ups and downs in recent 30 years, there are still many problems. Therefore, this article summarizes the development and research status of novel agricultural facilities and equipment abroad, summarizes the current problems in the development of greenhouse facilities and equipment in China, and puts forward some suggestions.

Modern greenhouse facilities agriculture is a kind of agriculture with high input and high technology content. It is through the application of engineering techniques and industrial production mode to create a controllable and suitable growth conditions and environmental conditions for crop growth to ensure Use very little labor intensity in a limited space, reduce production investment, obtain higher productivity, good quality and good benefits. The mechanization of modern greenhouse facilities is the key to improving the efficiency of the entire agricultural production, and plays an important role in improving the efficiency of agricultural production and the quality of agricultural products. Therefore, the mechanization of greenhouse facilities is the leading direction of agricultural development in the future. Greenhouse supporting facilities mainly include drip irrigation equipment, wet curtain fan cooling system, and internal shading system. External shading system, light supplement equipment, heating equipment, CO 2 air supplement system. Circulation fan ventilation system. Top spray system and other mechanical equipment (plug tray planting equipment, picking and transportation equipment, fruit and vegetable cleaning and sorting equipment, packaging machinery), these bring convenience and efficiency to the production operations of facility agriculture