How to avoid misunderstanding between the two sides in the construction of glass greenhouse

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-11-14

For greenhouse users, they are more concerned about the steps and nodes of glass greenhouse construction, because this is related to the installation time of the greenhouse and whether the payment node is reasonable. Let me share with you the knowledge of popular science to avoid the misunderstandings in the greenhouse installation in previous years.

For example, in the past 13, we have been working on installing greenhouses on construction sites. We have a greenhouse company that pulls the pillars out with a car and installs the pillars, so we went to Party A to apply for payment and said that the frame installation was completed, but although Party A did not understand the detailed classification of the greenhouse, I felt that such a thing would not work , So there will be nonsense. To make things as they are, I want to share with you today.

The glass greenhouse construction steps are top-down. In the industry, they are generally divided into production and installation foundations, installation and production of greenhouse frames, installation of internal and external shading systems, installation of greenhouse aluminum profiles, installation of roof materials, etc .; installation of peripheral covering materials, roof windows and side windows Commissioning of electrical and transmission systems.

  1. Basic manufacturing and installation

The foundation of the greenhouse is generally divided into a separate foundation in the middle and ring beam installation. This includes hyperplane fixation of embedded parts. After the completion of these works, the skeleton material can enter the site for installation. After the greenhouse frame is installed, the construction of the retaining wall around the greenhouse can be carried out at the same time.

  2. Greenhouse frame installation

The installation of greenhouse framework materials includes the installation of columns, beams and sink brackets, and then the installation of sinks (herringbone beams or arch connectors should be installed on the ground before sink installation), the installation of herringbone beams or rods, and the installation of external shading frameworks. After the above items are installed, the skeleton is installed. The labor cost of the greenhouse framework accounts for about 35% of the total installation cost.