Problems in the use of solar greenhouse motors

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-10-18

Problems in the use of solar greenhouse motors

  1, installation problems

After   2010 years, the installation of the roller shutter machine in the greenhouse of solar greenhouses generally adopts the installation method of the center-mounted, shed surface self-propelled roll-up type. In 2011 years, some greenhouses and sheds did not grasp the essentials of installation and were afraid that the installer would be expensive and expensive. They were unwilling to ask the installer to install by themselves, resulting in improper installation and weak welding. The phenomenon of crushing, twisting of the scroll shaft, and irregularity of the roller shutter occur from time to time.

  2, operation problems

First, when operating the greenhouse motor for rolling, the sheds often do other work after moving the reverse switch without paying attention to the height of the roller blind, which causes the roller blind and the roller and grass curtain to roll over after the air vent is rolled;

Second, the reel was twisted;

The third is to burn out the motor.

  3, maintenance issues

Some greenhouse growers do not pay attention to adding oil to the gearbox when operating the roller shutter machine, and secondly, they do not pay attention to adjusting the nut at the pulley of the greenhouse motor gearbox. After the middle position, it will automatically fall back.