Talk about the cost of common greenhouses

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-09-25

Greenhouses can bring rich economic benefits to growers, so farmers' friends are more concerned about the cost of greenhouses. On this issue, I want to say that the actual greenhouse construction has different specifications due to different climates and applications, so the cost is also different. Here, let's talk about the cost of some common greenhouses.

  1. Glass multi-span greenhouse

Cost: Greenhouse costs are generally 400-450 yuan per square meter. The higher the structure height, the higher the greenhouse cost. It is suitable for three-dimensional planting, scientific research nursery, ecological restaurant, leisure and sightseeing greenhouse.

  2. Solar greenhouse

Greenhouse greenhouse cost: This kind of solar panel greenhouse is about 320 per square meter. Compared with multi-span glass greenhouses, the main difference is that the cost of covering materials and skeletons is relatively low. It is also suitable for three-dimensional cultivation, scientific research and seedling raising, ecological restaurants, leisure and sightseeing greenhouses, etc.

  3. Simple multi-story arch shed

Cost: This multi-span greenhouse is about 100 per square meter. It is suitable for planting and using high-value vegetables, flowers, medicinal materials, edible fungi, etc. in spring and autumn.

  4. Multi-storey arch shed with high configuration

Cost: This multi-span greenhouse is about 200 yuan per square meter. It is suitable for three-dimensional cultivation, flower breeding, aquatic nursery, nursery, scientific research and other industries.

Specifications: The higher-configuration multi-span greenhouse is an upgraded version of the simple multi-span greenhouse. On the basis of the simple type, internal and external shading, cooling of the wet curtain fan, side-window ventilation, and heating and insulation systems are added.

  5. New high-temperature arch shed:

Cost: The cost per square meter of this new high-temperature arch shed ranges from 85 yuan to 100 yuan, and needs reference.

The high cost of the greenhouse can only meet the growth needs of low-temperature plants. Suitable for cultivation of low-temperature crops in winter.

In summary, the arched greenhouse has low cost, high land utilization rate, and convenient management. It is suitable for the cultivation of vegetables such as spring, autumn, fruits, flowers, and edible fungi. The high temperature arch shed can also be used for winter cultivation and protection of high value-added crops such as succulent plants and flowers.