Quality control of glass greenhouse construction projects

Edit:Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-07-20

Glass greenhouse constructionTo conduct systematic research on the greenhouse industry, the location of the glass greenhouse construction is directly related to the convenience of future operations and the basic conditions for the healthy growth of crops, so comprehensive consideration is necessary.

Need good geological conditions, moderate groundwater level, convenient drainage and irrigation, no high mountains and other high-level buildings on both sides, avoid floods, mudslides, hail, lightning strikes, wind outlets, etc., and arrange greenhouses and other power and water facilities Planning and Construction.

The construction of glass greenhouses includes gables, back walls and skeletons, cold protection trenches, irrigation facilities, etc., each of which needs to be carried out according to standards. The wall part is the foundation of the entire greenhouse, so the load-bearing and thermal insulation requirements must be made, which is also very influential for later construction.

Covering, the traditional glass greenhouse will be covered with a simple, thick shed film, while modernization takes into account the thermal insulation, light transmittance, etc. of the shed film, and will also be equipped with high-quality insulation to assist in covering Warm up.

The heating facility is an additional addition. Many friends will add some stove-type facilities on the basis of the insulation blanket and the grass, as long as they do not adversely affect the crop, they can be considered. It is recommended that you use it Consult the glass greenhouse construction contractor.

In the construction of glass greenhouses, project quality control is mainly divided into four major aspects: material control, technical control, construction control, and after-sales control.