Maintenance and management of greenhouse supporting facilities

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Greenhouse supporting facilities:

The intelligent ozone generator is equipped with an ozone generator according to the proportion of one installed in every two spans of multi-span greenhouses, and the installation height is 4. 0m. Use the "seedling" file as the prevention of diseases and insect pests. The frequency is {{{2}} week {{2}} times, and the weather continues to be fine 2 week {{2 }} Times; use the "plant stage" file as a pest control, the frequency is the same as above, and the entrance and exit channels and vents are closed; the treatment time is arranged in the evening or night.

It has good control and killing effects on tomato leaf mildew, color pepper gray mould, pumpkin powdery mildew, cucumber downy mildew fungal diseases and whitefly, aphids, red spider and other pests.

The LED plant fill light is equipped with a density of 10 / 667 m 2, using LED as the illuminant, when the sunlight is insufficient, it supplements the light required for plant photosynthesis to achieve close distance Illumination reduces the cost of cooling and uses pulsed intermittent irradiation to allow plants to have enough dark-phase synthetic organic matter to promote plant growth.

The greenhouse dehumidifier is equipped with a density of 2 sets / 667 m 2. When the humidity in the shed reaches 70%, the dehumidification system will automatically start to suck in the humid air and remove the moisture Separated from dry air, the dry air is discharged from the greenhouse after being processed by the dehumidification equipment; when the air humidity drops to 60%, the dehumidification function is automatically stopped, which can effectively reduce the humidity in the shed, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and reduce the pesticide.

Greenhouse supporting facilities maintenance management

Every two months during the routine maintenance inspection, the practitioners check the wear, deformation, and operation of the machinery and equipment as a whole, and find problems and rectify them in time to prevent them. Clean the waste and add new lubricating oil to the transmission once a year. The gutter is cleaned and maintained once a year to ensure no rust and deformation.

Timely replacement of wearing parts registration records of wearing parts and wearing materials replacement and maintenance, and timely replacement and maintenance of the service life or damage.