Working principle of greenhouse motor

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Greenhouse motorIt is the integration of reducer and motor (motor). This integration may also be called a gear motor or gear motor. The geared motor is a fixed speed motor. Once the speed ratio is selected, the motor is selected and the output speed is fixed.

The greenhouse motor is mainly used for driving the sunshade net and window opening inside and outside the greenhouse. Its working principle is as follows:

The reduction motor drives the drive shaft to rotate, and the drive shaft drives the A-type gear to rotate, and the gear rotation causes the frame to reciprocate. Because the frame and the push rod are connected together, the push rod and the frame move at the same time. The driving side profile and the push-pull rod are connected by a push rod connecting clamp, and one end of the sunshade is fixed on the driving side profile, thereby shading. With the reciprocating movement of the driving edge profile, the curtain can be opened and closed.

The reducer is used to change the speed and output torque to provide high torque and low speed. Reducer speed ratio=input / output speed, if the revolution ratio is 100, the output torque is about 100 times the input torque. (Rotational speed slows down and torque increases)

One of the heavy parts in the greenhouse motor is the limit device. The quality of the limit device directly affects the stability of the geared motor and the accuracy of the positioning of the system such as curtain drawing and window opening. So how can we determine the quality of the limit device? This requires users to try it by themselves. After buying a new geared motor, first try to check whether the limit device is sensitive before use. After connecting the motor power line and limit signal line according to the manual under no-load state, power on to see if the limit device It is important to be able to cut off the power supply of the motor as required and stop it accurately.