What factors affect the cost of greenhouses?

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Compared with ordinary greenhouses, smartGreenhouse costIt is relatively tall and the structure is relatively complex, suitable for leisure agriculture, soilless cultivation, flower cultivation, vegetable greenhouses, etc. The following Weifang Liwang Electric Co., Ltd. will tell you what factors affect the cost of greenhouses.

Cost analysis of intelligent greenhouse construction

The influencing factors of the cost of smart greenhouses are mainly composed of four major items: main skeleton, covering materials, system equipment, and installation costs. The main skeleton of the smart greenhouse construction needs to comply with 100 * 50 meters. The main skeleton cost is about 100-120 yuan per square. The higher the frame size, the higher the main skeleton cost .

The cost of covering materials for the construction of smart greenhouses mostly comes from the insulation materials around the facade and the top of the greenhouse. These materials must first have good light transmittance, and secondly have good thermal insulation capabilities. PC board or glass is used as the material for thermal insulation covering. The total price of such covering material is about 8 0-10 0 per square. Among them, PC boards generally use two types: 8 mm and 10 mm. The glass can be single-layer tempered glass or double-layer insulating glass. Double-layer insulating glass has better thermal insulation. The cost of the greenhouse.

Smart greenhouse construction needs to include supporting equipment that can realize the functions of each system, and such configuration mainly includes system equipment such as external shading, internal insulation, top opening windows, side opening windows, wet curtains, fans, and lighting. The cost ranges from 80 to 150. As the configuration becomes higher, the cost will become higher and higher. Among them, the cost of the intelligent control system averages between 20-35 yuan per square. The cost is between 35-60 yuan.

The installation cost of smart greenhouse construction is also a big item in the cost of smart greenhouses. Due to the complicated installation of smart greenhouses, the relatively high requirements for accessories and system equipment, the construction period will become longer and longer, and the debugging process of system equipment will become more and more cumbersome. The average cost of a smart greenhouse is between 370-450 yuan per square meter. The more system equipment, the higher the cost.