Learn about the characteristics of greenhouse accessories with greenhouse manufacturers

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Greenhouse can provide good growth environment for crops, and its use effect will be affected by many factors. When choosing a greenhouse skeleton processing plant, the more important thing is the distance problem, that is, the transportation problem. Because if the distance is too far, logistics transportation costs will increase. Moreover, in the process of logistics transportation, if there is a problem of lost goods, or the problem of late construction and installation is too far away, it will have a negative impact, which is not conducive to the construction progress. Let's know some detailed questions about greenhouse accessories with greenhouse manufacturers ~

Greenhouse accessories manufacturers introduce accessories features

1. The first consideration for the construction of greenhouses is their durability. Of course, the durability of the greenhouse is also affected by many factors, such as the anti-aging function of the greenhouse accessories, the carrying capacity of the greenhouse framework, and so on. As far as the durability of the light-transmitting material is concerned, its own strength is on the one hand, and on the other hand, the light transmittance of the material gradually decreases with time, and the decrease in light transmittance will affect the service life of the light-transmitting material. Under normal circumstances, the life span of the wooden structure of the greenhouse is generally five to ten years, and the wind and snow resistance is generally about 15 years; and the life of the steel structure is longer, generally more than fifteen years, the wind and snow resistance is generally It is about twenty-five years. From this point of view, the durability of accessories and skeletons is of great significance to greenhouses.

Second, the greenhouse is mainly insulated in winter. Therefore, it is very important to improve the thermal insulation performance of the greenhouse, which can also reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency. At this time, the greenhouse accessories manufacturers must be more cautious in choosing materials. The selected materials must have outstanding thermal insulation performance, and the thermal insulation performance will be improved.

3. The growth of crops in the greenhouse is inseparable from light, and light transmittance is an important indicator of the greenhouse. The light transmittance is affected by many factors, such as the light transmittance of the covering material of the greenhouse, the shading rate of the main frame of the greenhouse, and the difference in the radiation angle caused by the seasonal changes. These factors affect the light transmittance of the greenhouse, and the light transmittance affects the growth of crops. In general, the transmittance of plastic greenhouses is between 50% and 70%, glass is more than 80%, and solar greenhouses can generally reach more than 70%. With modern shed film technology For the development of solar greenhouses, the light transmittance of solar greenhouses can reach more than 80%, so users can choose the covering material of the greenhouse according to the varieties of crops planted in the greenhouse.

4. At the end is the corrosion resistance of the greenhouse. The greenhouse is exposed to high temperature and high humidity for a long time, so the surface is easily corroded. For example, a steel structure greenhouse, this type of structure adopts thin-walled steel as the main force, and the corrosion resistance is poor. Greenhouse accessories manufacturers should use it. The hot-dip galvanized surface anti-corrosion treatment makes the thickness more than 150 to 200 microns, and has a service life of almost 15 years. For bamboo-wood structure greenhouses, anti-corrosion treatment should be done once a year to ensure the normal use of the greenhouse.