Take several common greenhouses as examples to talk about the cost of greenhouses

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Take several common greenhouses as examples to talk about the cost of greenhouses.

  1. Solar greenhouse

This kind of greenhouse has good thermal insulation performance, and can be used for the production of non-seasonal vegetables with high efficiency or the cultivation of crops in the cold winter in the north, so it is also very popular. The thick wall structure of the solar greenhouse makes it have good thermal insulation performance and practicality. The walls are usually dirt. We usually cover the wall with a layer of non-woven fabric, and then spray cement mortar. It looks beautiful.

The standard solar greenhouse is about 100 meters long, and the indoor span is generally 10 meters. Except for the wall part of the solar greenhouse, the front roof of the current greenhouse is mostly steel frame structure, strong and stable, covered with anti-drip and anti-aging greenhouse po film and quilt plus curtain roller. The cost of such a solar greenhouse exceeds 10 million, including labor and materials. The cost of one mu is between 4 ten thousand and {{{4}} ten thousand. If allocated properly, the cost of this greenhouse can also be lower, about 4 million acres of land.

Due to the need of use, the front and rear spans of the greenhouse can also be made into 8 meters, 9 meters, 11 meters, 12 meters or more, and the cost of one acre greenhouse Costs are not much different.

  2. Arched greenhouse

This arched greenhouse has also been widely used in central, southern and northern China. Widely used in early spring, late autumn cultivation, seedlings and aquaculture. According to different structures and functions, the cost gap of one acre of land is also large, mainly due to the difference in skeleton structure and labor cost: the cost of a simple acre is low, and the cost of a complex acre is high.

The cost of one mu of a common greenhouse is about 1. 7 ten thousand yuan, less than 2 ten thousand yuan.

This is a multi-span greenhouse, with a contracted material of one acre, and the cost is about 6. 6 million.

If the application requirements are higher, the membrane greenhouse can also be made to a higher standard. This multi-span modern membrane greenhouse, with contract materials, costs about 10 ten thousand points per acre, and can be installed with internal and external shading systems, thermal insulation systems, automatic irrigation, fertilization systems, etc. to achieve modern agricultural production.

There are also multi-storied intelligent greenhouses, which are the mainstream structure of modern intelligent greenhouses in the world. The cost is higher. Its cost is generally calculated in square meters. Now more and more greenhouse structures are adopted and popularized. Standard costs range from 260 to 500 square meters.

The cost of these ordinary greenhouses or vegetable greenhouses is the price of contract materials. If you do n’t know much about the cost of greenhouses, it is recommended that greenhouse construction companies contract materials for construction because the cost of purchased materials is not well controlled. Installation may go detours.