Glass greenhouse construction principles and basis

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Intelligent glass greenhouse, also known as automatic greenhouse, is based on the agricultural greenhouse environment and is equipped with computer-controlled mobile skylights, shading systems, thermal insulation, wet curtain / fan cooling systems, drip irrigation systems or drip irrigation systems, mobile seed beds and other automated facilities. Tone Greenhouse. Glass greenhouse construction control generally consists of a signal acquisition system, a central computer and a control system.

1. Construction principles of glass greenhouse

(1) Adhere to the principle of combining scientific and practical, considering the actual use function of the greenhouse, reasonable selection of appropriate supporting equipment to achieve a good price-performance ratio.

(2) Insist on starting from reality, reasonably clarify the design standards, and apply and stabilize the production process, main equipment and main works.

(3) Adhere to the principle of adapting to local conditions, and design in accordance with local climatic conditions and internal requirements.

2. Basis of greenhouse design

(1) related greenhouse standards;

(2) China ’s current design and construction codes and equipment requirements for building structures;

(3) According to the actual use function;

(4) The basic climate of the project area.

3. Main structure

  1, basic civil engineering

The greenhouse is surrounded by a strip foundation and concrete is poured (according to the depth of the local frozen soil layer, the buried depth of the foundation should not be less than 1. 5 meters underground, and the foundation must be located above the bearing layer, the bearing layer For depth, please refer to the local geological survey report). The interior of the greenhouse is a point foundation. A brick wall skirt with a height of 0. 5 meters is used around the greenhouse, and the surface is treated with cement mortar.

  2, the main skeleton of the greenhouse:

The main skeleton of the greenhouse is a light steel structure, using domestically produced hot-dip galvanized steel pipes and steel plates, with a normal service life of 20 years.

  3, anti-drip system (anti-condensation system)

At present, internal condensation is a common problem in the construction of glass greenhouses in China. Dew drops affect the use of greenhouses to varying degrees. More importantly, it directly affects the quality and yield of indoor crops. One of the current standards for measuring greenhouse performance.

Under the gutter inside the greenhouse, there is a "few" structure anti-leakage dew collecting trough. The glass greenhouse construction design is equipped with an anti-drip system. The dew drops formed on the inner surface of the covering material flow into the collection tank through the collection tank and are guided to the designated location. The dew drop collection tank is installed under the rain tank. This design has the advantages of wide section, high strength, beautiful appearance, long service life, not easy to deform, and can collect roof dew.